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thirty five plus  traders interviewed with over forty hours of traders audio

Trader Speak is a collection of interviews by Larry Levy, available in a 2 CD set or online, spanning over 40 hours of unabridged unedited audio with a wide variety of traders.

These interviews, cost just  $195 (including shipping) on CD are now available. Or you can order them to listen to online by clicking here  for just $149.  Please note that there are more recent interviews online that may not be on the CD. 

In all, over 35 traders are interviewed. Each trader presents a unique learning experience that will enhance one’s perspective on trading. 

The 35 traders represent over 1700 years of collective experience.  From living legends like Steidlmayer and “Willem” (master of the FTSE pit) to Chris Kobewka, who likes to turn a few hundred pounds into over ten thousand pounds spread betting in just a few weeks on Dow futures to fund managers, floor traders, Elliott Wave Traders, Gann Traders, system traders, home traders, new style “arcade” traders and brokers - TraderSpeak interviews them all. 

Many of them pack in more knowledge in an hour than could be gleaned on some of today’s “courses” costing thousands. Check out the sound trailer for a taste! Click here

the concept

Trading is a profession surrounded in mystery and glamour all in the one package. Very few people know traders as they really exist. Sure, they may know of one and maybe more traders but do you really know what makes them tick. Unlike other professions where people often train in a university or school before going onto working with the public, trading is a solitary game. The trader is most often found alone in front of his screen facing what is often a less than forgiving market. An increasing number of people buy into the dream, setting up their screens at home in a special space and often risking more than is recommended to “make it” in the markets. 

We aim to show what it has taken for many to make it in these markets - so you as a trader know that you are not alone here - and that it is possible to make trading a success without giving or holding illusions. 

Some succeed of course while others do not. TraderSpeak interviews not only those who have “made it”, but also those who are on their way and those who have, temporarily or permanently given up for one reason or another. 

buying into the dream

Listening to the interviews is essentially an education. You will listen and hear as hearts are opened and lives of traders pour out. There is more to trading than just tips and techniques. It represents a whole attitude and approach that people often dub with the word “discipline”. In reality it is far more than that - it is an approach - as you will hear. Money risked, money made and money lost. Is it just money though or the freedom of the dream that money has come to represent ? Listen and make up your own mind. Listen to different traders speak about their success (or the lack thereof) and start to figure out the differences in those who succeed and those who fail.

why audio ?  why not a book ?

There are a number of successful books on the markets that profile a number of traders. Perhaps the most famous book is Market Wizards by Jack Schwaeger and its “sequel” Market Wizards II. I feel that a book can only go so far. To me, there is a hidden magic in audio. It lacks the illusion that those who wish to create it can conjure up with television by leaving the mind free to process just the audio. That which is served up in someone's voice can contain a thousand innuendoes, meanings and nuances the likes of which are hard to communicate on the written page. How can the excitement in someone's voice come across on the written page ?  Can you tell so readily if someone is being evasive (and some of the people interviewed are!)

is this essentially “Market Wizards” on tape ?

Not really. 

Firstly, the object here is not to just interview “the best”. Some of the best are included but this series interviews a wide range of traders. Also, excerpts of interviews, which is essentially what happens in a book necessarily paints an edited picture. In some cases this may be a good thing - but it is by then another layer of interpretation. The objective of TraderSpeak is to get as close to “telling it as it is” as possible. “La realité” without interrupt. These audio interviews are by and large totally unedited allowing you to build an uninterrupted “picture” of the trader, his style, his trading technique (which is often connected with character) and his personality. Often, the “gold” (as I call it) - the best bit of the interview will come later in the interview where the trader suddenly starts to relax and talk in earnest about his or her experiences. These parts are well worth waiting for, and need to be seen though in the full context of the interview.

Order yours now here and IMPROVE your trading perspective forever.




Review by 
Peter Dunlop (trader):

" If you are a hugely successful trader, the chances are you won't be reading this.

The dream of becoming financially independent, working at home doing the hours you choose and making a great deal of money, or at least a comfortable living, is what attracts hordes of new players to the financial trading industry year after year. 

90% have their hearts broken and end up poorer as a result of the experience. But it need not be like that. Why do some people make it and others don't? What is the secret of success?

Virtually all successful traders will tell you that trading profitably is not difficult; there are no hidden secrets that must be learned. So how can some men and women come to the market and succeed whilst the vast majority fail?

The TraderSpeak CDs are unique and will give you an insight into what you need to do to become successful. Nearly all the interviews are with people who have already succeeded. What these people have to say is invaluable. You will gain insight into what makes them successful. A few interviews are with failed traders; you will learn from their failure so you might avoid a similar fate

As I said: If you are a successful trader, you won't be reading this. If you listen to TraderSpeak your chances of becoming a successful trader will significantly improve.



"Improve your trading today - the TraderSpeak way ..."

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