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Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Home to the emini  S&P 500 and numerous other successful futures contracts the CME 
is the worlds most successful and largest futures exchange, having taken over its long
time rival the CBOT. Long the less efficient of the two exchanges (in our opinion),
the CBOT boasted the US T Bond and YM mini Dow Jones futures contract.
We also make calls in the mini Dow Jones in Secretariat's Trading World.
The CME / CBOT merger continues the long standing trend 
of consolidation that has been a feature of the corporate 
world and more recently of the exchanges world 
since the early 1980's. 


EUREX is the home to the DAX Index Futures contract, which we sometimes trade.

When Germany changed its laws in the early 1990's allowing futures to be traded 
this set the basis for the foundation of one of the birth of a behemoth - the Deutsche Terminbourse (DTB).
Initially the head of the exchange appeared on British TV, denying the exchange was 
any threat to the status quo. Within a few years the exchange had replaced LIFFE and MATIF
(the leading European exchanges at the time) as Europe's leading futures exchange.

The loss of German banks trading the German Bund contract on LIFFE (they all switched one morning
to trading the same contract on the DTB) and the attraction of the DAX contract (which replaced the FTSE as
the punters preferred European time zone index futures contract) as well as an efficient modus operendi 
helped lead the DTB down its path to success and attempts at European domination.

To underline this, Deutsche Bourse (owner of the DTB and now part owner of EUREX, the DTB's successor)
made several attempts to take over Britain's London Stock Exchange in the early 2000's.

Eurex is the successor to the Deutsche Terminbourse. Eurex is operated jointly by the Deutsche Bourse 
and the Swiss Exchange following the merger in 1998 of their electronic derivatives exchanges 
the Deutsche Terminbourse (DTB) and the Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange (Soffex) respectively.



* Excellent EURUSD Spreads 
* Mini lots down to 10cents a pip 
* Only $400 to open an account 
* Very excellent customer service & attitude
* Fast execution


Excellent spreads on EURUSD (1pip), Sterling (2pips), DAX (1pips), Dow (2 pips) but only during certain hours.
Server reliability leaves something to be desired at times.

The original spreadbetting company.


The release of eSignal 10.1 has seen a major leap forward in reliability and speed. 
With everything from a eSignal on Demand to eSignal Premier and features like broker integration, Gann Elliott Tools as wll 
as an excellent forex feed, eSignal is our datafeed of choice for pro quality value for money. Period.

eSignal also enbles a ladder or dome to be used with a number of brokers, including MB Trading.


Please note that we do not make any recommendation of any link. 
They are mentioned for informationational purposes only. Caveat Emptor.
Buyer Beware!!!
A very popular FX company based out of LA offering ECN style FX 
UK's Most Established Spreadbetting Company
UK CFD/Spreadbetting operation formerly from ABN Amro now RBS
A large and popular FX trading firm
One of the oldest FX trading companies
Geneva based FX trading company
Another big company
A big and very successful FX broker often favoured by dealers for their private trading.
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